Vocal Work

"...heavenly female vocals..."


"Featuring the seductive vocals of Charlotte D, "Silence" serves as a paradoxical reminder of the momentous power of Silence." 


"Silence, by Mark Instinct featuring Charlotte Dobre dropped December 6, and is getting a lot of positive attention from bassheads around the web."

"Neon Steve teams up with fellow Canadian Charlotte Dobre for the catchy electronic breaks-lite title track. The vocal recalls an old hardcore box -- Baby D maybe or Rachel Wallace --"

"Mark Instinct enlists the help of Singer Songwriter Charlotte D for his latest original tune, “Silence”. A hard hitting heavy under-toned dubstep melody that is carried by Charlotte’s vocals throughout, is brutal yet still manages to be beautiful at the same time. "

"Subhumanartist Mark Instinct just released a brand new gritty dubstep track that features a blend of beautiful vocals with in your face bass lines to send the listener into a pleasurable audio frenzy. Entitled ” Silence” Charlotte D‘s vocals are woven perfectly into the mix of grizzly bass. "


"Every so often, there is an artist who takes the scene by surprise. Someone whose music is so original it can’t be placed in a specific genre, yet has its own distinguishable style. As of late, this artist has been the wonderfulCharlotte Dobre for me. Her recent release ‘Breathe‘ has been on repeat for me for the past week or so. The mix of powerful vocals, melodic synths and acoustic instruments provides a lush soundscape that’ll incapacitate the listener. This album will definitely be on my most played list for awhile!" 
- Radio Toxic Vancouver

"Charlotte Dobre, a gal I’ve featured on the site quite a few times for her amazing photography, is an up and coming recording artist who is known for combining different worlds of jazz improvisation and electronic music to create a truely different, charismatic sound."
- DubSelekta

“...recently heard the track “Cheater” by Wes Beanz that feature’s Charlotte’s vocals. I thought the vocals were alluring and mesmerizing. A great fit with a wonderful dnb track."

-Lenar Blog

“Today, we have some very awesome, very exclusive treats for you all! This is the fruition of a long and prosperous partnership between the KNWLDG and some very talented underground artists, namely MrFloyd and Charlotte Dobre. Frequent visitors to the KNWLDG may have already heard of Miss. Dobre and her lustrous vocals, but to some she remains unknown.”

“Two months after his tasty mix Cheater was released, west coast producer WesBeanz is at it again, this time revisiting one of his most popular tracks (and a favorite here at THEKNWLDG) to give it the V.I.P. treatment and the results are nothing short of impressive. Once again the silky and seductive vocals of Charlotte Dobre, an up-and-coming vocalist from Victoria, are in perfect harmony with the deep wobbles and captivating drums of WesBeanz, topped off with a little Jay Z for good measure.”