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  • Signed

    I'm extremely excited to annouce that I've just been signed with a Toronto boutique agency called TN Management. I signed a one year contract and I will be living there starting March 18th.

    When I went to the audition, I had no idea what was about to happen. I was told to bring a headshot, and not to prepare anything because they would have me do a commercial cold-read when I got there. Thank god I had a monolgue memorized and a 16 bar audition song. I hadn't practiced or warmed up AT ALL, which is extremely rare for me. I always overprepare for everything. They signed me pretty much on the spot and had me come back the next morning to take my professional headshot for free.

    Being someone who has dealt a lot with shady agencies, I knew that the fact that they offered to take my headshot for free was a good sign. Scam agencies always require you to pay for headshots or classes that they earn a commission for. This agent had a "no bullshit" attitude, and she really gave me some tough love. She told me that I needed to start and start NOW. There are many actresses that are my age and have far more paying work on their resume than I do. I realized that she was right, and that waiting for a visa so I could return to New York (which after almost 5 1/2 months of waiting I still did not have) was not a viable option. Even if I got my visa, who knows how long it will take to get an agent, if those agents would sign me with only a 3 year artist visa and if that agent would be able to find me work. I decided that the visa can wait, and I had to get out to Toronto for pilot season as soon as possible. My career is far more important to me than a childhood fantasy of living in New York City. No one is going to take me seriously there without some serious credits on my resume, and if New York really is my destiny, it can wait.