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  • She wears short shorts

    Time for a fashion blog post. Just because I got a new 35mm lens and I'm feelin vain about it. Headed down to Soho the other day to photograph my friend for her new blog Wore the shortest shorts I have ever worn in my life. They are literally like a denim diaper. But with a kimono thrown on top and a croptop, they really aren't that bad. Even if you tie the kimono or a light flannel shirt around your waist, it hides the really showy bottom and leaves you with nothing but leggy goodness. This look will take me a little while to get used to, but hey, when in Rome. This outfit cost less than $100. Excluding the creepers.

    Shorts - Urban Outfitters

    Kimono- Forever 21

    Croptop - H&M

    Choker - Forever 21

    Lipstick - Melt Cosmetics "Stupid Love"

    Creepers - TUK