• Windblown Series - By Sophie Baboolal

    I am so excited to share this series with you. These were shot by my friend Sophie. I love how every shoot I do ends up looking so mermaidy. She also directed the video on my homepage.

    Check out her work at:

  • Recent Work

    I've been working and auditioning more than I ever have in my life. Make no mistake, I hustle. There are some weeks I don't have days off. I quit an underpaid day job and started working part time on weekends so that I would be able to devote the whole week to my creative projects. Here is a recent shoot I did with Whitelightz.

  • Signed

    I'm extremely excited to annouce that I've just been signed with a Toronto boutique agency called TN Management. I signed a one year contract and I will be living there starting March 18th.

    When I went to the audition, I had no idea what was about to happen. I was told to bring a headshot, and not to prepare anything because they would have me do a commercial cold-read when I got there. Thank god I had a monolgue memorized and a 16 bar audition song. I hadn't practiced or warmed up AT ALL, which is extremely rare for me. I always overprepare for everything. They signed me pretty much on the spot and had me come back the next morning to take my professional headshot for free.

    Being someone who has dealt a lot with shady agencies, I knew that the fact that they offered to take my headshot for free was a good sign. Scam agencies always require you to pay for headshots or classes that they earn a commission for. This agent had a "no bullshit" attitude, and she really gave me some tough love. She told me that I needed to start and start NOW. There are many actresses that are my age and have far more paying work on their resume than I do. I realized that she was right, and that waiting for a visa so I could return to New York (which after almost 5 1/2 months of waiting I still did not have) was not a viable option. Even if I got my visa, who knows how long it will take to get an agent, if those agents would sign me with only a 3 year artist visa and if that agent would be able to find me work. I decided that the visa can wait, and I had to get out to Toronto for pilot season as soon as possible. My career is far more important to me than a childhood fantasy of living in New York City. No one is going to take me seriously there without some serious credits on my resume, and if New York really is my destiny, it can wait.

  • Kim

    Alright kids, I havent done a blog post in forever, but I thought I would refresh this page with a brand new editorial featuring top model Kim Noseworthy. Kim and I have known each other for years and I've been following her work for ages. She's been the face of many fashion and advertising campaigns, most recently Svedka Vodka, Camp Brand Goods, Travel Alberta and many more. I'm so glad she took the time to have a mini shoot with me when she visited NYC. I styled the shoot myself, and also did her makeup. The signature pieces are all from H&M's fall collection. 

    It was a fantastic collaboration, and arguably some of the best work I've ever done. I look forward to future collaborations. 

  • She wears short shorts

    Time for a fashion blog post. Just because I got a new 35mm lens and I'm feelin vain about it. Headed down to Soho the other day to photograph my friend for her new blog Wore the shortest shorts I have ever worn in my life. They are literally like a denim diaper. But with a kimono thrown on top and a croptop, they really aren't that bad. Even if you tie the kimono or a light flannel shirt around your waist, it hides the really showy bottom and leaves you with nothing but leggy goodness. This look will take me a little while to get used to, but hey, when in Rome. This outfit cost less than $100. Excluding the creepers.

    Shorts - Urban Outfitters

    Kimono- Forever 21

    Croptop - H&M

    Choker - Forever 21

    Lipstick - Melt Cosmetics "Stupid Love"

    Creepers - TUK


  • Mental note:

    As the shooting of my first film starts to wind down, My schedule is starting to free up again and my post-work jitters are taking over. So I guess it's time to write a blog post.

    Last weekend was a whirlwind. Emotionally, physically and mentally. I shot 10 scenes in 1 day and even though that might become easy for me in the future, it was no picnic. Unless you've experienced a very difficult picnic.  
    We were on location in Pennsylvania, we had arrived at 9 am and immediately started hair and makeup. Hair and makeup is not something you rush. That's why call times are so early in the morning. But my director was standing behind the makeup artist, attempting to make her hurry up. She's done this a couple times, and it results in my makeup and hair being half-done. I walked onto set with a giant kink in my hair and lopsided eyeliner without realizing. So here's my day so far: rushed and tired with mad hair and scary makeup. And I haven't even started acting yet. 
    First scene, and first lesson: Do not wear 5 inch stilettos on set unless you are sitting down. My ankles felt like they were going to give way, and I couldn't change out of the heels because of continuity (UGHHH CONTINUITY). So I was stuck wobbling around like an idiot for two hours. Still with mad hair.
    Second scene, second lesson: Do not emotionally prep and cry before your close up. You have to shoot all the other angles and your scene partner's first. And then the assistant director could trip and fall and make you laugh and then all of a sudden you aren't emotional anymore and you can't cry when you actually need to. Sandy Meisner forgot to mention that.
    Third scene, third lesson: do not stomp around when you are acting angry. It will make the very expensive camera wobble. I had to tiptoe. Which doesn't sound difficult: but it actually really was. Tiptoeing when you are livid is next to impossible. All angry in the face but pussy-footing around like you are trying to be a sneaky goon. Very awkward indeed. Must practice.
    Fourth scene, fourth lesson: if you need to faint for camera, use a crash mat. Nuff said.
    I know there will be a time in the future when I look back and laugh at this experience. How ridiculously low-budget it was. How amateur. Thank god for the cast, because if the actors were bad, my experience would be really different. The cast is an array of extremely talented individuals whom I am happy to call my friends. At least I am emerging from this experience with that. And some decent reel footage. Decent reel footage that hopefully doesn't show my mad hair.